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Search Catalogs and Databases on the Internet the Easy Way

"A very attractive addition to the serious researcher's collection of tools." -- Library Software Review

BookWhereBookWhere is a Windows program that can search thousands of library catalogs and databases on the Internet. With BookWhere, you can use a single program to search thousands of online catalogs, even multiple catalogs at the same time. Use a consistent, easy-to-use search screen to find bibliographic information in the Library of Congress catalog, government information databases, online information services such as OCLC, and the online catalogs of many major universities.

BookWhere uses the Z39.50 protocol to access library catalogs and other databases on the Internet. Z39.50 lets you access databases several times faster than using the World Wide Web. With BookWhere you make more efficient use of your time. Searches continue in the background, while you are browsing your search results. BookWhere Autosync automatically updates host database information, so you do not need to keep track of database configuration parameters.

Send the results directly to your Library Master database to create bibliographies, to further refine your search results, or to create an online catalog for your organization.

BookWhere is the perfect research assistant for students, professors, librarians and information professionals. The latest version adds numerous new features and supports hundreds of additional host sites.

Quickly Find Information From Numerous Sources

With BookWhere, the vast bibliographic resources on the Internet are at your finger tips. BookWhere is pre-configured to access thousdands of library databases throughout the world. Easily search multiple databases simply by clicking on a list of libraries.

Search for information worldwide by subject, author, title, publisher, ISBN number and more. Use AND, OR and NOT logical operators to combine multiple search criteria.

BookWhere is also the best way to access hundreds of government information sources and other databases that use the Z39.50 protocol on Internet. It is compatible with Government Information Locator Service (GILS) and other non-bibliographic Z39.50 information sources. This software satisfies the new client software requirements placed on U.S. Federal Depository Libraries.

Indispensable for Every Researcher

BookWhere quickly pays for itself in time savings!

BookWhere Features

Simple to Learn, Yet Powerful to Use


Flexible Management of Your Search Results

Save Time and Money

Compatible with Thousands of Sources


Highly Acclaimed by Reviewers

Numerous reviewers have rated BookWhere the best available Z39.50 client software.

"In my opinion, it is clearly among the best of the clients for Windows. It presents a polished, intuitive user interface, providing for sophisticated search and retrieval from Z39.50 targets and flexible exporting of records. . . . A very attractive addition to the serious researcher's collection of tools." -- Joseph Combs, Jr. Library Software Review.

"Of the handful of Z39.50 clients currently available, none is so feature-rich. . . . BookWhere ought to be part of the essential tool kit of any humanities computing lab." -- John Morris, Chorus.

"A very useful addition to a cataloger's toolbox or inquiry desk. Even if you do have an existing Z39.50 in your OPAC, it is unlikely to have all the flexibility and navigation features of BookWhere." -- Biblio Tech Review

Add-on Products Help You Manage BookWhere Search Results

Library Master Bibliographic Database Manager

Library Master is a bibliographic and textual database manager that makes it easy to manage bibliographic information. Library Master increases the usefulness of your BookWhere searches by enabling you to manage the results of your online searches in a personal database and to produce properly formatted bibliographies.

By using BookWhere to search online catalogs on the Internet, Library Master can easily import from thousdands of university library catalogs and other online databases. Once the records are in a Library Master database, you can easily create any kind of bibliography, insert citations in a thesis, article or book and quickly find desired records on your own PC. Library Master produces bibliographies compatible with most Windows word processors.

BookWhere can save records directly into a Library Master database. After searching a library catalog, simply save the desired records to a Library Master database in a single step without exporting and importing. This is the fastest and most accurate way to enter records in your database!

Data Magician Data Conversion Program

Data Magician converts the MARC records gathered by BookWhere to other numerous other file formats. This increases the usefulness of your searches by enabling you to manage the results of your online searches in a personal database or catalog.

The Data Magician also has the power and flexibility to manipulate the contents of fields while transforming the actual format of the file. It performs magic on your data!

Obtaining a Free BookWhere Demonstration

You can attend a free online Webinar demonstrating the capabilities of BookWhere. You will learn how to use the program and you can ask any questions you like during the session. The demonstration lasts about 30 minutes. Regular open group sessions are conducted weekly you can arrange for a private session if you prefer.

After the short demonstration session is finished, you can request a free working demonstration version of BookWhere to try out on your own computer.

Ordering BookWhere

You can order BookWhere at a discount on the Balboa Software Web site.

BookWhere comes with 1 year of free software upgrades and AutoSync host database configuration updates. BookWhere will continue to run after the AutoSync subscription expires.

Orders must be placed directly with Balboa Software to obtain the discount prices.

For further information or to order BookWhere, contact:

Balboa Software
P.O. Box 2958
Gilbert, AZ 85299-2958 USA
1-800-763-8542, 1-480-632-1901 or 

BookWhere was developed by the WebClarity and is available at a discount from Balboa Software.

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