Library Master
Software Maintenance Service

Keep Up to Date with the Latest Program Features

Balboa Software is constantly improving Library Master to make it the most powerful and flexible bibliographic database software available. In order to ensure that the program is as reliable as possible, Balboa Software periodically releases maintenance versions.

In a typical year there are from 4 to 8 maintenance releases of Library Master. Balboa Software fixes bugs as quickly as possible and incorporates the changes into maintenance releases. Maintenance releases also frequently include program enhancements.

Version upgrades incorporate major program enhancements and include new or supplementary user's manuals. Version upgrades are generally released 9-24 months apart.

Individual maintenance releases are available upon request for a nominal charge. However, many users want to obtain maintenance releases and version upgrades automatically without the inconvenience of requesting them. The Library Master Software Maintenance Service ensures that you always have the latest and most reliable version of Library Master.

Obtain Pre-release Software

Software Maintenance Service subscribers also have the opportunity to use beta test versions of Library Master upon request. This allows you to obtain software several months sooner than other users. It also gives you the opportunity to help determine the features used in future program versions.

Available Maintenance Plans

The following Library Master maintenance plans are available:

Ordering the Library Master Maintenance Service

To obtain the latest prices for the Library Master Software Maintenance Service, send an email inquiry to or call toll free 1-800-763-8542 or 1-480-632-1901. Be sure to specify the number of licensed copies of Library Master or the size of the network license for which you want a maintenance plan.

You can subscribe to the Library Master Software Maintenance Service online or by phone, FAX, letter or email. For further information, contact Balboa Software:

Balboa Software
P.O. Box 3751
Scottsdale, AZ 85271-3751 USA

ORDERS/INFO: 800-763-8542, 480-632-1901 or 
SUPPORT: 480-632-1901 or 
FAX: 480-632-6097 

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