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Version 5.01A Free Upgrade

Qualifications for This Free Upgrade

If you are a registered user of Library Master 5.0 or later, you can download this free upgrade. This minor upgrade improves operation with Microsoft Word 2007, adds new Style Sheets, Import Filters and Terms Tables, and fixes several bugs. If you have a version of Library Master prior to version 5.0, you can order your upgrade here.

If you want to order the program on CD, contact Balboa Software by email ( or phone 1-480-632-1901.

Library Master users who have subscribed to the Library Master Software Maintenance Service automatically receive this upgrade and future upgrades at no additional charge. The Library Master Software Maintenance Service ensures that you always have the latest and most reliable version of Library Master and saves money over purchasing upgrades and maintenance disks separately.

Online Upgrade Registration

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If you have difficulty downloading the upgrade, contact Balboa Software technical support by email at or by calling 1-480-632-1901.

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