Library Master Database Distribution Kit

Database Distribution Kit Features

Library Master Read-Only Database Distribution Kit makes it easy to distribute your databases to others. Your clients can make better use of your information in database form than they can with printed documents.

The Library Master Reader enables your clients to search and browse databases and create reports, but they cannot change the database contents. Users can view databases directly on a CD-ROM or they can install your database on a hard disk. Reader programs are available for Windows and DOS.

The Database Distribution Kit enables you to distribute databases on CD-ROM or floppy disks. The included setup program makes it easy for your users to install the Reader and your database. Database are compressed to reduce the number of distribution disks. The setup program packages the Library Master Reader, your databases and your customized Format Files, Style Sheets and Sort Order Files.

The Library Master Reader Program

The Library Master Reader is similar to the full Library Master program, but it allows read-only access to databases. It does not include any commands that can change the contents of a database. Simplified menus make your database easy to use.

The Library Master Reader lets your users do the following:

Ordering the Database Distribution Kit

Publish your important information electronically with Library Master. Save printing costs and give your clients more flexible use of your information.

For prices and licensing details, send an email inquiry to Balboa Software (

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