Reviews of Library Master

Bibliographic and Textual Database Manager

Highly Acclaimed by Reviewers

Dozens of reviewers have praised the power, flexibility and ease of use of Library Master. Here are a few sample comments:

"Database searchers who are serious about post-processing their search results will find Library Master an excellent tool. . . . Library Master is a full-featured bibliographic database manager with enough power and flexibility to meet the needs of many demanding users." -- Database Magazine

"The robustness of this package is remarkable. Its support for a myriad of record and field types, and its handling of all the major academic bibliographic styles is impressive. Library Master 3.0 allows the busy scholar, who has neither time nor interest in customization, to generate accurate bibliographic reports efficiently and easily. . . . What Library Master 3.0 seems to lack, can be added through careful customization. Talk about flexible! . . . this is a toolbox for customized databases." -- Chorus: The Humanities Computing Review

"Library Master goes beyond the call of duty, offering not only bibliographic database operations but also general database functions. Library Master's strengths lie in its versatility and its import prowess." -- Computers in Nursing

"As its name suggests, Library Master works efficiently with large databases. Library Master is also an easy program to like: It offers a logical structure, clean operation, flexibility and many other valuable extras." -- PC Magazine

"More sophisticated than any competitor in Windows. Of the high-end commercial products,...Library Master appears to be the most functionally sophisticated." -- Dr. Willard McCarty, Director of the University of Toronto Centre for Computing in the Humanities (course handouts for a course on computing in the humanities)

"Library Master succeeds in providing extensive functionality while keeping the operation simple, straightforward and consistent throughout." -- Journal of the American Chemical Society

Beloved by Users

"The ideal companion for scholarly writing."

"Library Master is a library database program plus. As a database program it organizes, searches, and arranges library data admirably. . . . However, it also has a plus at each end. The front end plus is that it can import data from a variety of on-line, CD, and database sources. . . . On the back end it can output data for use in word processing programs using a variety of standard formats. So all of that data in the library database does not need to be retyped into your document."

"Since it is a flexible database program, this core of what it does it does uniquely well."

"One can get users of a library up to speed on using the basic features in a matter of minutes."

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