Library Master 4.15
New Features

Version 4.15 of the popular Library Master for Windows bibliographic database manager adds over 200 new features to give you greater power in managing your research and writing. Although it is recommended that you upgrade to the much improved Library Master version 5, version 4.15 is still available.

New Features in Library Master 4.1


More Convenient Searching and Browsing

More Powerful Database Management

Enhanced Library Catalog Reports

New Mailing List Reports

Broader Word Processor Compatibility

More Convenient Data Entry

Authority Lists Ensure More Consistent Data Entry

Terms Table

Terms Tables Enhance Data Entry and Reports

More Flexible Report Generation

More Powerful and Accurate Importing

Import From Many New CD-ROM, Internet and Databases

Send Records Directly From BookWhere to Library Master

Export to Multiple File Types

Enhanced Networking Features

Greater Overall Program Convenience

Easier to Use and More Reliable

Feature added in version 4.15.

New Features in Library Master 4.15

Version 4.15 offers many improvements to version 4.1. It directly saves records from BookWhere into a Library Master database, offers improved importing, includes new journal style sheets, imports from new sources, supports newer versions of Microsoft Word and Nota Bene for Windows, fixes several bugs, and improves program operation in Windows 2000, XP and ME.

Advantages Compared to Library Master for DOS

Library Master for Windows also has many advantages compared to Library Master for DOS. Library Master for Windows gives you the renowned power and flexibility of Library Master with an easy-to-use Windows interface. Upgrade today to the Windows version of Library Master today to enjoy greater ease in managing your important information.

Ordering Library Master 4.15

Order Methods

You can order this new version of Library Master for Windows in two ways:

Registered users of any earlier version of Library Master may upgrade to this new version for a substantial discount.

Windows 8, 7 and Vista require Library Master 5 or later. You can order the upgrade to the latest version here.

For More Information

For more information or to order Library Master, contact:

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