Library Master for Windows
Supplementary Files and Patches


Balboa Software maintains an online archive of upgraded Style Sheets, Import Filters, and other supplementary files. These are provided as a convenience to Library Master users and may be downloaded at no charge.

These files are mostly of interest to users of older versions of Library Master. If you have Library Master 5, you should download the latest version 5 maintenance version to get the latest Import Filters and Style Sheets.

The following types of files are available free of charge:

You can order any Balboa Software product on our Web site. You can download an upgrade to the latest version of Library Master at a substantial discount.

Downloading and Installing Files

To download a file to your hard disk, simply click on the appropriate link. If you see garbage on your screen when you click on a file link, right click on the file link and select "Save Link As", "Save Target As" or some similar option to download the file.

Follow these steps to install the files:

  1. If the file ends in the .zip file extension, it needs to uncompressed before you can use it. Uncompress the file with PKZip or WinZip.
  2. Copy the uncompressed files to the appropriate directory specified in the instructions for the category of files.

New and Revised Import Filters

To use install these Import Filters, unzip the files, then copy them to C:\LMW\import.

Import Filters Compatible With Library Master 4.1 or Later

New and Revised Style Sheets

To install these Style Sheets, unzip the files, then copy them to C:\LMW\generate, or the Generate directory specified in your Library Master preferences.

Style Sheets Compatible With Library Master 4.1 or later

Style Sheets Compatible With Library Master 4.0 or later

Enhanced Word Processor Support

WordPerfect Macros

The following WordPerfect macros are not required for running Library Master but may be of interest to some users. Copy them to your WordPerfect macros directory.

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