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Program Description:

Library Master is a powerful, flexible and easy to use bibliographic and textual database manager. It automatically produces bibliographies, footnotes and citations for your paper, thesis or book. Catalog millions of books, periodical articles, corporate documents, manuscripts and audiovisuals. Organize research notes, engineering project records, archeological site records, legal briefs, museum or archive holdings, mailing lists, quotations for speeches and other textual information.

Library Master automatically creates perfectly formatted bibliographies, footnotes and citations in any style. Concentrate on expressing your ideas while Library Master handles the details of bibliographic style. The program eliminates the tedious task of remembering the exact punctuation required for each type of reference and the differences between footnote and bibliography citation styles.

Create annotated bibliographies, subject bibliographies, periodical literature indexes, book catalogs, serials lists, acquisitions lists and book spine labels. Design custom reports for your special needs.

Unlike most database programs, Library Master does not require you to know how much information will go into a field when you create the database. All fields are variable length and may contain up to 65000 characters. A database may contain many different record types, each with different fields. Hence a bibliographic database may include references to books, journal articles, articles in books, theses, reports, audio recordings, video recordings, computer programs, patents, artworks, interviews and many other types of materials. Include up to 30 pages of notes on each reference.

Data entry is much like using a word processor. You can easily enter accented Western European language characters. The full screen editor makes it easy to change the contents of records.

Catalog each entry under multiple subjects and find it later in a fraction of a second. Each book or article can also be cataloged under the passages of literature it discusses. This is especially useful for literary scholars studying the Bible, classical literature, Shakespeare, etc. It is also useful for ministers looking for material for a sermon on a passage of the Bible. When you search for works treating passages in these books, any reference that overlaps the desired passage will match.

You can rapidly find the information you want based on the contents of any combination of fields. B-tree indexes enable you to search large databases in a fraction of a second.

The Library Master report generator is very flexible at formatting textual information. You can design a report that formats each type of record in different ways and handles exceptions such as empty fields and duplicate fields. Reports can be created in the file formats used by popular Windows and DOS word processors, including WordPerfect, Word, Ami Pro and many more.

Library Master imports from hundreds of online information services, CD-ROMs, online library catalogs and other database programs. The importing system is easily adaptable to read data from almost any source.

The Library Master Network Version gives you inexpensive multiple-user power. On a network, all users can edit and search the same database at the same time. Maintain an online catalog of books, articles, recordings, corporate documents or patents. Share with colleagues bibliographies, project records and the results of online searches.

A FREE demonstration version can be downloaded on the Internet or you can order it from Balboa Software.

Library Master is available in a 32-bit Windows version for Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and 7. The DOS version also runs under Windows 3.1.

Highly Acclaimed by Reviewers:

Dozens of reviewers have praised the power, flexibility and ease of use of Library Master:

"Database searchers who are serious about post-processing their search results will find Library Master an excellent tool. . . . Library Master is a full-featured bibliographic database manager with enough power and flexibility to meet the needs of many demanding users." [Database Magazine]

"The robustness of this package is remarkable. Its support for a myriad of record and field types, and its handling of all the major academic bibliographic styles is impressive. Library Master 3.0 allows the busy scholar, who has neither time nor interest in customization, to generate accurate bibliographic reports efficiently and easily. . . . What Library Master 3.0 seems to lack, can be added through careful customization. Talk about flexible! . . . this is a toolbox for customized databases." [Chorus: The Humanities Computing Review]

"As its name suggests, Library Master works efficiently with large databases. Library Master is also an easy program to like: It offers a logical structure, clean operation, flexibility and many other valuable extras." [PC Magazine]

"Clearly the best DOS bibliographic manager, and perhaps conceptually more sophisticated than any competitor in Windows. Of the high-end commercial products,...Library Master appears to be the most functionally sophisticated." [Willard McCarty, Director of the University of Toronto Centre for Computing in the Humanities]

"Library Master succeeds in providing extensive functionality while keeping the operation simple, straightforward and consistent throughout." [Journal of the American Chemical Society]

Major Program Features:

Flexible Data Structure:

Simple to Learn and Use:

Powerful Data Management:

Rapid and Powerful Searches:

Format Bibliographies, Footnotes and Citations:

Flexible Report Generation:

Import Data From Any Source:

Network Compatible:

Reliable Data Security:

Read-only Version:

Typical Applications:

Personal Bibliography and Research Management:

Professional Library Management:

Churches and Ministers:

Other Database Applications:

Library Master Hardware Requirements:

Windows Version

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 95, 98, NT 4.0 or later. 16 MB memory.

DOS Version

IBM PC or compatible with 640K of memory, 5 MB free hard disk space and DOS 3.3 or higher. Compatible with Microsoft Windows 3.1, NT and 95 and OS/2.

Network Version (DOS and Windows versions available)

The network version runs on most local- and wide-area networks, including Novell Netware, Lantastic, Windows NT Server, and most other networks.

Ordering Library Master 5

You can order Library Master for Windows in two ways:

Registered users of any earlier version of Library Master may upgrade to this new version for a substantial discount.

Contact Balboa Software for site licenses prices and multiple copy discounts.

Obtaining a FREE Library Master
Demonstration Program

You may obtain a FREE working demonstration version of Library Master to try out for yourself. The demonstration program will let you try out the power of Library Master on a small database. You can download the demonstration program at no charge..

For more information or to order Library Master, contact:

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