Library Master Supplementary Files
Available on the Internet

Types of Files Available

Balboa Software maintains an Internet archive of new and upgraded Style Sheets, Import Filters, macros, demonstration programs and other files. These are provided as a convenience to Library Master users and may be downloaded at no charge. In some cases beta versions of supplementary files will also be made available here for users to test.

The following types of files are available free of charge:

All of the files below are included when you download the latest maintenance version of Library Master :

BookWhere Demonstration Program

BookWhere is a Windows program that can search hundreds of online library catalogs and databases on the Internet, using the Z39.50 protocol. With BookWhere, you can use a single program to search numerous online catalogs, even multiple catalogs at the same time. Use a consistent, easy-to-use search screen to find bibliographic information in the Library of Congress catalog, government information databases, online information services such as OCLC and the online catalogs of many major universities. Records that are found on the Internet with BookWhere can be easily into a Library Master database. This is the quickest way to enter accurate records into your Library Master database.

You can download a FREE demonstration program of BookWhere on the Internet.

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