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  1. Library Master Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) answers common questions, including tips on using Library Master with Windows 7 and 8 . This has been recently updated.

  2. BookWhere 7.2 is is now available! This version is fully compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 - 10. Library Master users and users of earlier BookWhere versions can order BookWhere 7 at a discount. Try out the free demonstration program.

  3. Library Master 5.01A minor upgrade is now available. Registered users of Library Master 5 can download this upgrade at no charge. New features include:

    This free maintenance version is strongly recommended for all Library Master 5 users. If you have an older version Library Master, you can upgrade for a substantial discount. Download a free demonstration version today!

  4. Library Master Version 5 adds hundreds of new features, including:

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