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Advantages of Registering

There are several reasons to register your copy of Library Master:

Online Registration Form

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Obtaining Technical Support for Library Master

Contacting Balboa Software

Registered users of Library Master may contact Balboa Software for technical support in several ways:
Balboa Software
P.O. Box 2958
Gilbert, AZ 85299-2958 USA


Online Discussion Group

Balboa Software also has an Internet discussion group devoted to Library Master. This provides an opportunity for users to share ideas and to help one another use the program effectively.

Files Available for Download

Balboa Software maintains an Internet archive of new and upgraded Style Sheets, Import Filters, demonstration programs and program information. These may be downloaded at no charge on our World Wide Web site.

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available via the Internet. This document contains answers to the most common questions that our technical support staff receive about Library Master.

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