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Frequently Asked Questions

A list of answers to
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is available via the Internet. This document contains answers to the most common questions that our technical support staff receive about Library Master.

Online Discussion Group

Internet discussion group (listserv) is devoted to Library Master tips. This provides an opportunity for users to share ideas and to help one another. Although the discussion group is not run by Balboa Software, support staff from Balboa Software listen in and provide technical suggestions and work arounds for bugs when appropriate. Announcements about software upgrades and calls for beta testers are also posted to the discussion list.

Files Available for Download

Balboa Software maintains an
Internet archive of new and upgraded Style Sheets, Import Filters, demonstration programs and program information. These may be downloaded at no charge on the World Wide Web.

Software Maintenance Service

Balboa Software is constantly improving Library Master to make it the most powerful and flexible bibliographic database software available. In order to ensure that the program is as reliable as possible, Balboa Software periodically releases maintenance versions between version upgrades.

Maintenance releases are available upon request for a nominal charge. However, many users want to obtain maintenance releases and version upgrades automatically without the inconvenience of requesting them. The Library Master Software Maintenance Service ensures that you always have the latest and most reliable version of Library Master.

Press here for more information about the Library Master Maintenance Software Service. Call 1-800-763-8542 or send us email for prices.

Contacting Balboa Software for Support

Registered users of Library Master may contact Balboa Software for technical support in several ways:
Balboa Software
P.O. Box 2958
Gilbert, AZ 85299-2958 USA


Obtaining Support for the Data Magician and BookWhere

Technical support for Data Magician and BookWhere is available available from the developers of these products. Send email for Data Magician to and BookWhere to

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